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Developer mindset cover
Hacker Mindset cover
Data mindset cover
Innovator mindset cover
Storyteller mindset cover

I designed a series of booklets to accompany Decoded's Mindset series of courses aimed at leadership teams.

Each course has a different focus, but are intended to be complementary and used in combination. I have tried to reflect this in the design, creating a uniform series that is individualised based on the content.

As with other Decoded materials, these booklets are designed to run alongside the content, and are largely used as notebooks. I designed a series of grids to aid with this, and distinct dividing spreads to add structure.

Hacker Mindset

Hacker mindset – Hacker notes

The notes spread embeds a message using an MD5 hash

Hacker Mindset spread – Hacker Definitions

The Hacker definitions spread is inspired by homoglyphs, a technique using alternative glyphs disguise text and escape automated detection

Each mindset booklet has a dictionary of terms explaining key concepts and terminology.

Hacker Mindset booklet in use

Hacker mindset booklet in use during a Decoded workshop

Hacker mindset booklet in use

Data Mindset

Data Mindset booklet Data Terms spread

The dividers in Data Mindset reference data visualisations with grids, scales and colour

Data Mindset spread – Data Notes
Data Mindset spread
Data mindset spread – definitions

Bespoke versions were designed for some sessions, data also runs throughout the booklet, with terms being grouped and colour coded, and notes pages being designed with bespoke grids that reference graphing and data.

Data Mindset grid

Developer Mindset

Developer Mindset Booklet developer terms spread
Developer mindset spread – notes
Developer Mindset Terms spread

Storyteller Mindset

Storyteller mindset spread – Art and Science
Storyteller mindset spread