Land of Kings Festival

Kingdom Collective

Land of Kings lettering/illustrations by Colin Henderson

Land of Kings Festival took place between 2010 and 2015 and was an annual festival that took over Dalston and a whole series of venues, each with a programme of music, theatre and art.

Working with illustrator Colin Henderson, who created the initial logo and provided varied illustrations for each festival, I did all of the design, from adverts, posters, other printed material, animated gifs, the website (design and development), and during the festival itself the design of all of the environmental graphics and the festival programme.

Land of Kings 2015

Land of Kings – 15 Venues, 16 Hours, 1 Wristband, Dalston 03.05.15

Poster designs for bus stops and billboards around Dalston

Land of Kings – Dalston 03.05.15
Land of Kings – The King is Dead!
Land of Kings – Long Live the King!